"All good here and enjoying your beautiful paintings. Their joyous energy is able to lift anyone out of the doldrums in this time of covid!" October 2020 Val R

"We are bowled over how fundamentally your painting has changed our room, and somehow our life. Our home now feels full of life, the myriad of colours charge us with energy and hope. Thank you so much. This is the first of many." Mr&Mr Sept 20

"I had no idea a canvas print could look so realistic and professional. Ordered one from Emma, was bowled over, so have now ordered 4 more! Thank you for being so efficient, full of colour ideas and thoughfulness. Our home is transfromed. Mr C Browning." July 20

"Hi Emma, your painting looks awesome we are so pleased with it. It really finishes off the dining room perfectly.
Tracey and Andy Morrison." July 20

"We saw your work at the Bath Art Fair just before the virus hit our shores. We thought for a while, then plumped for 3 of your paintings. You have completely brightened our lockdown." Family P March 20

"Your prints have transformed our hallway, wow factor for guests and clients." IH & Sons. Jan 20

"Our commission is the apple of our eyes. Didnt think it would be so easy and fun. Highly recommend anyone to talk to Emma. She has an instinct for colour and what will work. She is very straightforward and trustworthy." Thank you so much. EJ + WB Dec 19

"We have admired your paintings for years, but it has been covid that made us realise how important life, our home and beauty are. We are now the estatic owners of two large original paintings. Both bought from Emma's studio gallery - one of the paintings she kindly changed for us, at no extra charge, to make sure the colour matched perfectly with our wall colours. The work looks like they were meant to be. We are thrilled. Every day it gives us great pleasure to see the paintings. Colourful and luxurious. Full of energy, hope and happiness. Like Emma. We would highly recommend visiting Emma and buying her work. It has brought life into our house." Mr & Mrs R-V . June 20

"Having just finished a major refurbishment of our house, we had an urge to treat ourselves to a statement piece of art - as our ‘cherry on the cake’.
However, as we had never previously commissioned a painting, we didn’t really know how to go about it and were nervous about the process, especially given the vagueness of our brief. Frankly, we were also worried whether the result would be worth the effort, anxiety and expense (vs buying a known entity ‘of the shelf’).
We needn’t have worried because, from the moment Emma breezed into our house, the whole process was both easy and very enjoyable. And we now have a stunning and unique piece of art that ‘belongs’ in the house and we feel we truly ‘own’, not least because we played a part in its creation.
The bones of the process were simple: firstly we took some time to look at Emma’s on-line gallery and identified a range of paintings which we particularly liked (eg colours and mood) and some that weren’t what we wanted (eg too abstract for us). Emma then visited us, took in the house, the room, the space it was intended for and our general tastes. We then discussed the brief in broad terms eg likes / dislikes? general theme / mood? how abstract? key colour spectrum? amount of texture? [NB Sometimes just knowing what you don’t want is as important as knowing what you do want, because she can help a lot with the latter].
Not long afterwards, Emma invited us to visit her studio to see work in progress and give our input. Emma made this part of the process particularly easy by encouraging critique and initially absenting herself from the studio, so we could discuss our first impressions and thoughts openly with each other. Thereafter, she was not remotely precious and responded to our often vague feelings (“Not sure, but what about a bit more of X ” or “Can it be more ‘moody’?” etc) with understanding and alacrity - sometimes starting the changes there and then in front of our fearful eyes (because we already loved it and feared our suggestions might ruin it!). But, as Emma constantly reassured us, everything could be changed as often as we wanted until we were completely happy.
A good analogy is buying an ‘off the peg’ item of clothing vs something tailor made. In the right hands, the process of selecting the material / style / cut etc and being fitted for the latter provides a real sense of personalisation and luxury. The result is then always treasured more, lasts longer and ends up being far better value for money.
So, in summary, we suppose we are saying that as a painter Emma makes a very good tailor!"
Mr & Mrs W Oct 19

"I wanted to do something special for my wife's 50 birthday. We both like art and I wanted a painting that said something about us or captured something that we both love but full of life and colour. The problem is that I didn't really trust myself to set the right parameters to make it work.
I like Emma's work because it s so full of rich colour and texture and vibrancy so I went over to her gallery for a chat. It was so much easier than I thought it would be talking through the kind of picture I wanted and teasing out what would work best for both of us. I didn't want to be prescriptive - I wanted Emma to paint something she wanted to and bought into. I sent some photos over and let her get on knowing and trusting that she had a decent grasp of what I wanted although only in broad terms. Of course there is a huge amount of trust involved but as well as being an extremely talented artist, Emma is a really good listener and has a great ability to grasp and visualise pretty vague and nebulous ideas and put them on canvas.
I viewed the picture on my own with Emma outside but I didn't ever think it wouldn't work. I took a huge amount of confidence from our initial conversations and Emma,s style. The picture was lovely. It captured The essence of Sennen Cove in Cornwall - but without being restricted by the factual landmarks. Really impressive.
Thanks Emma so much .... and to anyone who is thinking of doing this: I can thoroughly recommend Emma : truly an artistic alchemist" Sept 19 Mr P C

"Having just finished a refurb of the family home, we decided to commission a painting for our entrance hall. We're familiar with Emma's work and her use of colours, and we really wanted to work with an artist who could embrace the pallet close to the colours we'd used within our home. Emma was a delight to work with, incredibly accommodating and really receptive to feedback. We were able to visit her at the studio to watch the painting evolve, which she did as a nod to a horizon. We're super pleased with the welcoming and warmth her interpretation gives to our home" Aug 19 Mrs&Mrs J

"I just wanted say thank you for your wonderful talent, each and every time a look at the piece it is different, we see something new and wonderful. Thank you for your desire and talent to be able to create something so full of emotion. I am also going to say well done to myself for still allowing impulse to rule parts of my life, impulse is great emotion and should be embraced more". DH/19July

"Never in a million years did I think I was someone who would commission a painting! Seemed a terribly posh thing to do, not to mention a terrifying prospect not to have seen the actual painting before I bought it (spot the control freak!). But having taken the leap of faith in Emma’s experience and astonishing eye for colour, shape and texture, it is unbelievable how so TOTALLY RIGHT her painting, Free Flow, is for my space. Off the shelf, I would have been searching a lifetime for a work that so beautifully echoed the colours in my room, mirrored the size of the furniture, and gave such a knock-you-off-your-feet wow factor. I now know that ‘to commission’ simply means ‘to bring a special room together perfectly’, and hand on heart, is an investment thoroughly worth making for a space that’s important to you. The zest for life, exuberance and beauty that Emma poured into my painting is palpable. I utterly adore it and now would recommend the commission process to anyone who wants to make a special space even more special. I wish I could invite you who are reading this to come over and see it in the flesh, as the photos can never do its texture and depth of colour justice.
I’ve followed and loved Emma’s joyful, impressionistic, vibrant work for several years, always keeping half an eye for ‘the one’ to come along. I saw a snap of one of her paintings, Monet’s Dreams, on Facebook and instantly felt drawn to it. It was no trouble at all to her to bring it round to my house just ‘to see’ if it could work on the lovely big, blank wall above a rich green velvet sofa in my home office.
Beautiful as this other painting was, it looked totally lost on my wall. That’s when the idea of the commission kicked in. Emma was full of energy and suggestions without ever being pushy. On the contrary, she was incredibly respectful of my thought process and really ‘got’ that it was quite a big deal for me to commit to. She came to my house several times; ever patient, ever jolly, ever wise. She carefully measured the space, listened carefully to my ideas, and advised without ever dominating. There’s something about her depth and breadth of experience and healthy level of self-confidence that she’ll be able to produce just the right thing that is incredibly reassuring.
Things that really helped me – looking at other paintings of Emma’s and picking out bits from various different ones that I liked (she somehow managed to blend elements of all my favourites together in the end); giving her swatches of some of the fabrics/paints in my room (I was afraid it would end up a bit matchy-matchy / “tried too hard” but she made it subtle, blended and perfect); having her reassurance that, if needed, she would keep going with painting and re-painting until it was just as I wanted (I never needed that in the end, but it was good to know she would do that within the agreed fee if necessary). Right up to the point of paying the deposit I knew that if it didn’t feel right to push ahead, it would have been OK to pull out, with no hard feelings. I think it’s a process to become sure that a commission is the right thing to enter into, and Emma holds the process lightly, exploratively, respectfully and always with lots of fun.
I went to see it when it was nearly finished at her studio. It’s quite odd seeing something you’ve already bought for the very first time! We discussed a few small changes, a week or so flashed by, and Emma was on my doorstep to hang it in situ. She’d even chosen a wonderful name for it.
Seeing it in my room was simply wonderful. I get a little frisson of happiness every time I look at it. Yes, I could have hung three, four, five smaller photos in that space and it would have been cheaper. But my finished painting is on a totally different planet in terms of the impact it has in what is otherwise quite a simply and neutrally furnished room. Most of all, it gives me JOY, and I am grateful and glad I will have a little piece of delicious Emma Rose with me for the rest of my life!" Rebecca Hourston, Bath, 26 March 2019

"We met Emma at a small exhibition she held at the Hepsibah gallery and fell in love with her use of colour and textures immediately. Two beautiful paintings later, we decided that a bespoke piece in Emma’s unique style and colour would be an amazing addition to a large space in our dining area. Emma took our rough ideas on some sort of ocean scene, along with some of our favourite island holiday snaps and our preferences from her portfolio. Emma worked her magic into a beautiful triptych that is just stunning. It brings a smile to my face on a daily basis and draws lots of admiring comments from friends. My young daughter loves identifying small fish, and coral mixed into the multitude of blue and green layers. Emma has so much talent, I could have never described exactly what we wanted from the outset but she interpreted our ideas into the perfect piece. Emma delivered it to our home and advised on where to position it, as well as another beautiful piece of hers that we were taken with" Mr & Mrs C/London Jan 19

"I look at our two big paintings and think “Is that really my house?”. It looks amazing (other than the messy coffee table) - and your paintings are the icing on the cake. They really add a different feel. Thanks so much Emma." Ms. H Furlonger 2018

"Your work has such beauty and makes one feel instantly better. We need more people like you and all the other talented artists in this world, can't wait to buy more! " AC Hamilton 2018

"For a husband who does have enough things, I wanted to find a present which had to be special, personal and something he would appreciate. Having been to one of Emma Rose's exhibitions, my husband loved her artwork, which gave me the idea to make it personal and commission a painting. It was not an easy job, as Emma had to use a number of different images of a very specific Alpine view from our chalet without knowing the area. The result was fantastic! The view across the valley to the mountain range as well as the imaginative use of colour had wonderful depth and live to them and were just beautifully portrayed. My husband and I can't thank Emma enough for such a wonderful result and present which is one of those special pieces, which will be passed down to future generations" Mr & Mrs Browell 2018

"It took my wife two or three years to convince me that a commissioned picture from Emma would be a worthwhile ‘investment’ for our family home; as a hardened middle aged art-o-phobe I was against this for a plethora of practical reasons. For once I was proved wrong, as it has turned out to be a fabulous addition to, and enhancement of, our house.
We gave Emma an admittedly loose brief to reflect the view down the valley from our garden (complicated by the fact I like figurative work and my wife likes abstract) - in true Emma Rose style she interpreted it in a way neither of us could have ever imagined - but somehow it works perfectly. Regardless of how long we stay in the house, it is reassuring to know that we will always have the memory of our fantastic view to accompany us through our lives (unless our house burns down of course!).
It has been interesting to note how many visitors have noticed and commented on the painting in our drawing room, without exception all positive.
Knowing how many people pass through our new kitchen, Emma was swift to point out how fabulously her prints could fit with our new layout and colour scheme. Almost seamlessly we now find ourselves with two of her limited edition prints on the walls, which again have brought many admiring comments, and made the kitchen look wonderful. We love them! Thank you Emma, you are one in a million." Mr A Dutton 2018

"I mentally embrace my three paintings of yours at least once a day and am very much looking forward to seeing your new work". Ms. D Beard 2018

"What struck us instantly was that we both like your work. We brought our friends to see it at your gallery and they too were startled to discover that both husband and wife liked it (and subsequently the children) - this is a rare thing. Emma Rose has managed to appeal to both sexes simultaneously which is no mean feat" Sept 17 Family B

"After seeing Emma’s portfolio in gallery close to my workplace I decided to commission a painting for my girlfriend’s 50th birthday. By coincidence my chosen view was also one of Emma’s childhood favourites. The whole experience was an absolute joy. Her commitment and interaction to the composition of the painting was faultless and the end result way beyond my expectations. The tears from my girlfriend when a gave her the painting were testament enough. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough - perfect!" A Trollope, Bath 2017

"Thank you again. We love the fact that the first thing you see as you come into our house is your beautiful pictures. And every time we go up and down the stairs they are the first thing we say. I cannot tell you how much joy they bring us already. We feel very privileged to have them in our house". We have recommended you to our friends who run a Bath hotel and I know they are in touch already commissioning your extraordinary work for themselves" Mr & Mrs B Sept 2017.

"I've got our commissioned painting home safe and sound and it looks even more amazing in the room. I love love it thank you so much. I can't stop staring at it. You made it all so easy for me to work through what I really wanted when I actually didnt have the words to describe it...in fact you seemed to know me better than myself. Our Bristol flat is transformed" Ms. W Sept 2017

"Lovely to meet you at last at the Art in Combe Down and I am so proud to have one of your beautiful paintings. I love it. The colours and the energy in it are just amazing - thank you" VR Sept 17

"We saw your work at your last London show and decided to commission a painting. We have never done this before. You have made the whole process seamless, interesting and given us great fun along the way. By listening carefully to us talk, you managed to work out exactly what we would want, without us even knowing ourselves. As a result we have a stunning original work, that completely sums us up and rests beautifullly in our drawing room, pulling in all the colours around it. Many people comment the minute they come in. We are absolutely delighted and would highly recommend you to anyone who might be interested in commissioning work (or scared of!). We have subsequently bought 3 of your limited edition prints that look fantastic too. Elegant framing and high quality reproduction. Thank you and well done. Mr & Mrs H London June 2017

"Having known Emma for more than thirty years I've watched her develop into an artist of tremendous sensitivity and depth; raw talent, realised in stunning works of bold and vivid beauty." Hugh Bonneville/Actor

"Emma you were a complete joy to work with – and extremely patient with me when I was struggling to articulate the brief! The finished pieces were both exactly what we were looking for (in terms of colour, and shading and abstract, and so on) and also a wonderful surprise where you’d incorporated movement and texture and other details that make the pieces so interesting. You attended every meeting with fresh ideas and good cheer. You delivered the work exactly on time and in person. You have marketed on our behalf and we are very grateful and impressed"
Naomi Pound - Chief Designer for Kersfield Properties . Oct 2016

“Emma you have been a joy and inspiration to work with. Having sent you photographs, met and discussed the brief, you have completely captured the ethos of the landscape we wanted. Also the atmosphere and luminosity in the water and sky is extraordinary. Thank you for delivering it in person to London, and for the laughter and knowledge you have given us. My brother in California will be in touch to commission you soon” M H Smythson 2016

"Emma Rose is not only a very special lady, she is also a very accomplished artist. We now have two of her wonderful seascapes hanging in our Pembrokeshire cottage, which have truly captured the coastal spirit we sought. Bath and particularly Walcot Street is very fortunate to have such a talented painter." Dave Laming . Chairman of the River Regeneration Trust

"My name is Dr. Shefali Gupta and the interior designer Julie Kent suggested my husband and I look at the work of Emma Rose to enhance the refurbishment of our Greenwich Town House. Having studied her website in 2014 we were enchanted by her extraordinary use of colour, and the talent to produce abstract, semi-abstract and figurative work. Over a year of helpful conversations and email correspondence we commissioned a very large painting from Emma - 150x200cm. (the process from our side was inturrupted by a birth!). So confident were we in her vision, we merely stated the colours we would like to use - no subject matter. Once we went firm on the commission she was most efficient - keeping us up to speed on the purchase of a huge bespoke canvas, the developing painting and then organising the transport to London. This all happened in a very short timescale. When the creation arrived we were full of joy. She has managed to create a symbolic abstract painting that involved our own personal journey, through heritage and creation - entirely personal and unique. The extraordinary thing is that we never actually met her! However we feel entirely comfortable and like old friends. I would highly recommend Emma to you, and will definitely be commissioning a second painting from her very soon. We are now planning a trip down to Bath to meet her. She has kindly and diligently recommended a variety of hotels and restaurants and activites for our trip. Lucky Bath." December 2015

"Emma Rose is a talented and inspirational artist and person. Her energy on and off canvas is palpable. Her bubbly, creative personality spills over into the rich textures of her work with timeless elegance. It would be a joy to have any one of her beautiful pieces light up a corner of your life." Dr. M Stone 2016.

"We recently acquired 'Bleak Beauty ' - a beautiful original piece from Emma that evokes memories of the Yorkshire moors in winter. We love her work and are so glad that we were introduced at her recent private view in Bath. We also had the chance to visit her studio in Wellow recently to see her work in progress. A unique talent - and lovely person too. She is great ambassador for Bath art scene and Walcot St creative hub” Mark Line . Director

"Once again thank you, it has been really fun, and I cannot wait to get them out to Ibiza. We have never brought any art work before, and we have loved the collaboration". Mr & Mrs C Brown 2015

"Emma Roses' art is a true feast for the senses. Having seen images and press about her in the Bath Magazines, and heard the buzz around her name, I found my way to 78 Walcot Street just before Christmas. A warm greeting ensued and she took me to view her work . .. I was instantly addicted. No turning back for me - she her passion and vibrancy of colour and the energy of her brushstrokes hit a cord with me. With her effortless charm and warmth of personality she takes you on a journey of her fabulous paintings (and their often literary backgrounds) and you immerse yourself getting quite lost in each one. So yes .....I succumbed to a beautiful painting. Emma delivered the painting in person and has given great advice on where and how to hang, moving furniture, giving sound interior advice and suggestions. I am commissioning her now to do more for my new house. She has helped me transform my new home and therefore my life. Im so grateful to have met her and am looking forward to working with her in the future. Lucky Walcot Street and Bath." Linda Browne

“For those yet to meet or witness her creative prowess first hand, Emma Rose is without doubt one of the most talented painters I have ever had the privilege to meet. Unlike many other artists however, she also happens to be a quite beautiful person, open hearted, accommodating and naturally warm spirited. The extraordinary equilibrium she achieves daily in her roles as Artist, devoted Wife and Mother is testimony to her great courage, her fierce intelligence and a remarkable talent. A.k.a. the Rothko of Wellow, her paintings evoke immediate response from something deep within, though perhaps unlike Rothko, this feeling is unique for its sense of hope and love. Must be seen.” Mark McGann/Actor Director

"Your work breathes of fresh colour with just the right degree of mystique i.e. art to live and deepen with. I'm sure Turner would herald you as a great-great-great grandaughter" Louisa McCormack/Writer

"Your work is totally mesmerising, changing all the time, and each opportunity I have to look at a new one, gives such huge pleasure. Your ability to express pathos, serenity, wildness, excitement and pure joy of colour is spell binding. I didn't think you could get even more into your painting, (well, I did of course,) but your ability to still bring freshness to each work is amazing.
I am sure you have read Angelou's words......" You may not remember what they said, you may not remember what they do, but you always remember how they made you feel". This of course is about people, but I think words can be applied to your charismatic painting..... it makes you 'feel'." Mrs AP

"I cannot tell you how impressive your work is. The movement, the elements of wind, sea, air and earth in the brush strokes, they evoke so many emotions, be it beauty, anger, glory and even fear. They are literally charged with life and excitement, you have the most incredible talent, I absolutely love each picture I see" Corinne Peters

"Emma Rose is one of those deliciously deep & rich souls with a huge flair for colour and texture. We own two of her works and fully intend to own a lot more. Her works are poetic, evocative, profound and enormously life affirming" Rosie Miles/wirter

"The picture I bought at your London show in 2012 fills me with pleasure every time I look at it. Thank you for pouring yourself into your painting and sharing your vibrant personality through your art. Often, when I am reading or musing at home, I find my eyes being drawn to your painting. It stops my thoughts in their tracks and I feel bathed in its liquid presence. Thank you for pouring yourself into your painting and sharing your stories with everyone who sees them. It takes much determination to succeed as an artist and your phenomenal achievements are an inspiration to others." Jonji Miles/Musician

''What i admire most about Emma Rose , apart from her talent as a fine painter , is her self determination , conviction and sheer hard work that she puts into promoting her art business. This is particularly impressive in such difficult financial times when Emma , like many artists has had to work even harder to sell her
beautiful paintings which proved very successful in 2012. In that year she not only produced a whole new body of artwork but also found the energy and drive to single-handedly organise and promote the projects and exhibitions to sell that work.She still managed to also give her time to charity work for the area. Emma's paintings are full of vibrancy , colour and energy , just like the artist herself and she deserves to have some recognition for this energy and her abilities.'' Louise Rushford/Designer

“Emma is a wonderful person and an exceptional artist. She has a great vision that has helped her produce an amazing body of work.” Heidi Greensmith/Film Director Writer

“The Rothko of Wellow” Emma is a wonderful painter, whose vibrant abstract canvases would grace any interior. I strongly recommend you invest in her work.” Marion Milne/Film Producer Director

"I absolutely adore the painting we bought from you. The colours are so soothing." Linda Bair/Writer

“Emma's work is innovative, modern and utterly collectable . I can thoroughly recommend viewing her work.”
Martin Runnacles/Property Investor

“Emma is an energetic expressionist painter whose work is a vibrant and colourful addition to a room.”
Hugh Dunford-Wood/Artist

“I have known Emma for many years. Not only is she a wonderful warm person but also a talented and imaginative artist. Her work is a direct expression of her beauty and sincerity. If you can get to her studio you will not be disappointed.”
Tom Wakeley/Musical Director Composer

“I have known Emma Rose for many years. Her approach to her art is interesting and unusual. She is dynamic, creative and capable in all aspects of her work, and very sincere in her presentation of it”. David Martyn/Inventor

“I met Emma whilst doing some work for her at her studio gallery. She single-handedly converted me to modern and abstract art, and I have to thank her for opening my eyes. Her work is imaginative, creative and clever and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Emma Ferrier/Organsational Genius

“Emma, has created some excellent and imaginative works of Art that would adorn many a fine wall. Visit her studio and see for yourself. I have a collection already!” Robin Brodie Cooper/Property

“Personable, creative and has high integrity. Just three areas in which Emma excels. Her work is excellent and her enthusiasm for specific projects reflects her vibrant personality. Her artistic contribution to the Lions of Bath project is but just one example.” Chris Witty/Entrepreneur

"I have visited a couple of your exhibitions in London, I have seen your marketing emails and I have studied your website carefully. I have been really impressed at your determination and commitment to publicising and selling your paintings.
As a former art student myself, I know just how difficult it is to devote time to being a creator and then try to develop and maintain a successful business model to market what you create. The paintings are beautiful and desirable but I know that it is also not easy for most artists to keep up the level of confidence in their own works to be able to display and sell them effectively. You appear to have overcome these challenges with charm and flair." Steven Wright . Senior Arts Producer . BBC NEWS – Arts & Entertainment

"Delighted to see you are nominated for the new business award. Having known you before you started "Art World " I know how much hard work you have done 2015 to build the business. Particularly the exhibitions you have done in London, You deserve the success you are achieving and the way you are building your brand is great." Sophie Stratton

"You have such a gift, and I can see it all comes from deep within you. Your love of life, your dreams, your sad experiences and your entire joy of life is projected onto each canvass; you are a very special and wonderfully gifted artist, and that combined with all the unselfish love and kindness you give to others makes you utterly unique, I am so proud of you." CP/Hertfordshire

"Emma Rose is a talented colourist whose tones radiate light and energy with a real sense of place. We are delighted to display her work in our holiday rental, Ivythorpe Coach House. The local Freshford scene of the water meadows is evocative and much admired. Emma Rose is an artist to watch as she develops in leaps and bounds" Selina Hutchison, Director of Figr.